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Checking grades

You can check your grades on the study attainments page.


ATTENTION! The teacher can inform you of your grade via alternative methods.





Students FAQ

Why cant I find the correct exam?`

Make sure your teacher has made the exam available in the EXAM.


Is the Moodle exam the same as the one in EXAM?

No. The Moodle exam is only available in Moodle. The systems are not linked in any way.


Can I do the exam whenever I want?

Your teacher has assigned a time windows in which the exam can be completed. By making a reservation for the examination room during the time window you can carry out the exam.


Can I complete the exam on any computer in the examination room?

No. You can only open the exam on the designated computer you are given when making a reservation. The exam computers are numbered and a number will be randomly given to you in the reservation confirmation email.


When will the exam be graded?

Your teacher will grade the exam within a predetermined time window.


Can I complete the exam in a different UAS?

The joint venture of all EXAM systems is underway and will be completed estimated Fall 2019 which after this will be possible.