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Exam search

On the exams page you search for exams.

There is a search box on the page where you can enter the name of the course, the course teacher or course ID.



Enrolling to an exam

You can enroll yourself to an exam by pressing "Register".

After this a page will open where you can choose the examination room between Pori and Rauma. Take note of the different opening hours between the locations.

After choosing the examination location you can choose the exact exam time from the available times that coincidence with the given exam period. You should make sure to reserve an exam time early as there is only a limited number of available times.


Check your reservation information before verifying the exam time.



Now you can see the enrolled exam on the locked exams page. ATTENTION! Verify the number of your exam computer and the examination room location.


Before the exam you can cancel or modify your booking.


When editing your booking:

Remove the old revervation.



Create a new one.



You can now return to the EXAM page locked exams.



Moving the reservation to your calendar

If you want to save your exam reversation to your calendar, login to your student email. You will receive a confirmation mail for your exam reservation there which will include an attachment. This attachment can be directly added to your calendar.


Click the arrow after the attachment and choose "Add to calendar".



The state of the attachment will change into "Added".