Students Guide – Examination

Students Guide



Doing an exam

Once you have enrolled to an exam you can do it at the reserved time on a specific computer in the examination room. The number of the exam computer will be included in the reservation confirmation email. The examination room computers can only access the EXAM-system. There will be no internet access available. The examination room computers come equipped with a limited software suite, including  Word, Excel, AutoCAD, MAthcad Prime, SolidWorks, CADS Planner and Windows calculator. You can also open pdf and jpeg files attached to exams.


The examination room will be entered without outdoor clothing and anything extra. No cell phones or other electrical peripherals, no drinks, food, notes etc. You must only take your student IDcard or passport with you which will be placed face up on the desk next to the exam computer you are assigned with.


In the examination room there are ear plugs and tissues available. They can be picked from the table inside the examination room before starting an exam.

In the examination room there are touchpads connected in some computers. Instructions how to use them: The use of touch display in the examination room.

ATTENTION! Read the instructions of examination room before entering the room and follow them accordingly.


Starting an exam

Login to the EXAM system. You can login earliest five minutes before the exam time. Use your student credentials to login.
When the exam time begins the browser will automatically guide you to the exam page.
After the exam has begun you can all provided attachments for the exam on the right side of the exam page. In the middle you will have the instructions for the exam and the questions. By clicking on the first topic you can start answering the questions.
During the exam you can open the attachments given in the assignments. You can answer each assignment by using the editor built-in the system or by styling your answer in Word and adding the document as an attachment.
You can find all the available software from the Start-menu. The only location you save in is the Documents folder.
The use of touch display in the examination room : instructions



Ending an exam

When you have completed an exam make sure everything is in order and press save and return.


Confirm your choice and the exam will be closed. After this point you cant change your answers anymore.



Before you leave press Logoff  to complete your reservation.