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Before an exam

You can only participate in the exam from a computer in the examination room. You cant do the exam from home. When you are on a computer in the examination room you can only do the exam = You cant do anything else on the computer.

The computers in the examination room are always open. The student does not use his/hers student credentials to logon. Student credentials are only used when logging into the EXAM system on the browser.

You can login to the system earliest five minutes before the scheduled exam time. The exams begin hourly.


Rules of the examination room:

  • You can not take food, drinks, bags, notes etc. to the examination room. Taking cell phones, smart watches and other peripherals is also forbidden. For outdoor garments and forbidden items there are lockers outside the examination room that can be loaned for the duration of the exam.
  • The only object students are allowed to take with is their identity card or passport that is placed on the desk facing the roof next to the exam computer.
  • The examination room is equipped with a surveillance system. The recordings are used to identify the examinee and investigate possible foul play. The network in the examination room operates in a separate grid where there is no general access to the internet. In the case of foul play the policy of SAMK is enacted for the proceedings.
  • You must at all times remain silent while in the examination room. All kinds of social activities are forbidden. Enter and leave the room as quietly as possible. You cant leave the examination room during an exam. Leaving the examination room during an exam is considered a forfeit.

If your exam is interrupted abruptly by a third party event (power cut, fire alarm or other) contact your course teacher. You can find his/her contact information through the staff search on the SAMK website.


If you don't want to perform your exam either move or cancel it. In some exams a limited number of attempts might be available. By canceling the exam you wont lose one of your exam attempts.




The EXAM examination rooms of SAMK are located at four locations; at Pori, Rauma, Huittinen and Kankaanpää campuses. Below you can find guide maps for the exact locations:
Pori campus:




Rauma campus:


1st floor


2nd floor



Huittinen campus:



Kankaanpää campus:



Using the EXAM-site


You can login to EXAM at Choose Satakunta University of Applied Sciences in the HAKA-menu.



Login with your SAMK student credentials.


After first login you have to accept user agreement.

The EXAM home page after login. On the locked exams page you can find the exams you are enrolled in.