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SAMK students going to take an exam in another university’s Examination Room:

An exam visit means the possibility to take an exam in another university’s Examination Room. SAMK’s students can take exams in the Examination Rooms of those universities which have opened their Examination Rooms for the use of students from other universities. Procedures and open Examination Rooms can be found at

Notice that it is your responsibility as a student to find out matters concerning the Examination Room of the target university: where the Examination Room is situated, how to get there and when the room is open, or if you need e.g. a keycard to get in. In addition, you should always check in advance the used software, as well as the rules concerning the Examination Room, which can deviate from the respective ones at SAMK. This information can be found of each university at

Taking an exam by visiting the Examination Room of another university is free of charge until the end of the year 2020, but the student is responsible for any other costs, e.g. acquiring a keycard or paying for the parking.


How can I register into another university’s Examination Room?

Go to SAMK’s EXAM software as usual ( and choose the correct exam. When booking the exam facility, choose: EXAM room reservation from external institution.

Confirm the terms of conditions.

After this, choose the Organization, under university, where you will take the exam:


After this, choose the exam studio. Often there is only one.


After this: READ CAREFULLY THE INSTRUCTIONS AND OPENING TIMES CONCERNING THE EXAM STUDIO. In addition, read the university’s instructions for a visiting exam student.

Choose from the calendar, under instructions, a suitable time and date, just like at the SAMK Examination Room.

If the exam facility is not suitable, you can always return to choose another organization.

Finally, check and confirm your choice.


N.B. The booking will be acknowledged at your e-mail. Remember to save the message for possible further checking, such as the number of the exam PC or the time and date of the exam.

You can change your booking through SAMK’s EXAM (